Saturday, April 17, 2010

quick music reviews, continued.

Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

This was in the $5 grab bag o' CDs that I talked about last post. Disc and booklet were in great shape. My girlfriend came in while I was listening to it the other night and said, "Adore? I used to have that, that CD sucked." When I replied that so far, there was one good song on it, she asked: "Ava Adore?" Right in one.

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple

I still have my copy of "Core" from junior high but never heard this one all the way through until now. Had the soundtrack from The Crow so I could listen to "Big Empty" whenever I wanted, and that and "Vasoline" were always playing on the radio anyway, along with "Interstate Love Song" (whose title I could never remember)... Was "Vasoline" intentionally spelled that way to avoid copyright infringement?

Faith No More - The Real Thing

I knew I liked this one, since I still had the cassette of it. Nice to have it on CD for free, though.

Soundgarden - Down On The Upside

Another one for the list of "bought it used on CD, traded it back, found the cassette for next to nothing, wound up with another CD of it anyway."

and another from the used binge,

OhGr - SunnyPsyOp

OK, but I liked Welt better. Maybe it'll grow on me later, so I'll listen again...

I can't bitch about getting free CDs, though it is a pain listening to all of them once through just to make sure they don't skip before I try to sell any of the ones I don't want.

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