Saturday, April 17, 2010

quick music reviews, continued.

Smashing Pumpkins - Adore

This was in the $5 grab bag o' CDs that I talked about last post. Disc and booklet were in great shape. My girlfriend came in while I was listening to it the other night and said, "Adore? I used to have that, that CD sucked." When I replied that so far, there was one good song on it, she asked: "Ava Adore?" Right in one.

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple

I still have my copy of "Core" from junior high but never heard this one all the way through until now. Had the soundtrack from The Crow so I could listen to "Big Empty" whenever I wanted, and that and "Vasoline" were always playing on the radio anyway, along with "Interstate Love Song" (whose title I could never remember)... Was "Vasoline" intentionally spelled that way to avoid copyright infringement?

Faith No More - The Real Thing

I knew I liked this one, since I still had the cassette of it. Nice to have it on CD for free, though.

Soundgarden - Down On The Upside

Another one for the list of "bought it used on CD, traded it back, found the cassette for next to nothing, wound up with another CD of it anyway."

and another from the used binge,

OhGr - SunnyPsyOp

OK, but I liked Welt better. Maybe it'll grow on me later, so I'll listen again...

I can't bitch about getting free CDs, though it is a pain listening to all of them once through just to make sure they don't skip before I try to sell any of the ones I don't want.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax day.

Did mine a while ago, so I wasn't freaking out. If I actually owed, I'd put that off, but usually I get some sort of refund so I mail mine in early. I always misremember the mailing deadline as March 15 because of the "Beware the Ides of March" quote.

My parents gave me a shopping bag full of used CDs they got at a rummage sale for $5. Some good ones in there, a few bands I'd never heard of or bothered to listen to though I'd see their CDs in every used rack in every store. Some were scratched, some not good for anything but donation fodder, some I'm actually gonna keep. Looking through these reminded me of how much fun I used to have browsing at the local used shops, so I went today. Confined myself to the budget section, found a few good ones.

Primitive Radio Gods - Rocket

Finally found a copy of this one, as I'd been wanting to hear the rest of the album ever since the single came out. Still has the sticker on the front of the case advertising the single, which gets bonus points from me, since I'm OCD about that sort of thing and always try to carefully reattach anything like that if it comes on the outer wrapper of a new disc. Overall, I liked this one. I thought the other tracks would be more sample-heavy like "Standing Outside..." is, but that's not to say that more/different samples would improve them. Again, not something I'll listen to every day, but a keeper.

MC 900 Ft. Jesus - One Step Ahead Of The Spider

First heard of this group back in junior high when I was looking up info on Al Jourgenson's 1000 Homo DJs side project, since both groups showed up on some old Geocities page with a list of funny band names. At some later date, I picked up a cassette of Welcome To My Dream at a library discard sale, complete with all the stamps and stickers. Yeah, this was the later album that had the Spike Jonze video for "If I Only Had A Brain" that you might've seen on Beavis and Butthead back in the day. Keeping this one, gonna try to find a copy of the first release (Hell With The Lid Off)

More later.