Sunday, May 31, 2009

Early Screamin' Popeyes!*

This was an earlier self-released cassette by the Screamin' Popeyes...

Ah, Squid!

Five songs on one side of the tape. I would have broken it up into tracks, but even in Audacity it's hard to tell just where some songs end, so rather than cut anything off, I'll leave that to your discretion.

1. Ah, Squid
2. Big Squid Boogie
3. Sweet Lucy
4. I Never Knew Your Mother
5. Undersea Overture

There were no dates anywhere on the tape or j-card. I'm estimating this as an older release since the cassette label's handwritten in blue ballpoint. I wish I knew more about this band, but all I have is the music.

If all you've heard are the tracks from Pop-Icon this may not be what you'd expect.

Not a lot of vocals, more experimental. When I first heard this I was reminded of the last few songs on the Mothers' Freak Out! since there's a lot going on at once, but it's not a mess, not bleeding together. This was recorded really well on the original tape...

If I can get a scanner to work, I'll post the j-card art sometime later.

*This post dedicated to waterface, who got a Blogger account just to tell me to do this.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not much happens...

Tried listing some stuff on the no-fee listings seem too good to be true, so I'll see how this goes...

So far, the main thing I've learned about eBay is that it's very nerve-racking waiting for bids as a seller. I've bought enough stuff on there that I should've realized that anyone bidding on my listings would do the same thing I do, which is to wait until as close to the end of auction as possible to start bidding.

Odd things I've noticed about the spell-checker:

"Cd" and "CD" are correct, "cd" isn't. For some reason certain contractions keep having the red line underneath them when I type them. "Ebay" shows up wrong, which makes sense since the trademark is "eBay," but then how are you supposed to type it if it begins your sentence? "EBay?" I guess so, since there's no line under that one.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Good news for Cop Shoot Cop fans...

The Dig Dat Hole demos that were taken down from the official website years ago have resurfaced!

Also, the Kneejerk test pressing has been found and made available.

For me, this is a big deal. Cop Shoot Cop has been one of my favorite bands ever since I found a battered copy of Ask Questions Later in the "Budget" section of the local used record shop back in high school. In the years since, I managed to track down most of their other releases. While I never had a chance to see them live (and a reunion tour is out of the question) the two live discs offered here are great!

But I always wondered what they sounded like before... and since the sample tracks were taken down before I got to the site, and even the Internet Archive didn't have them, I thought I was s.o.l.

Now it can be told... Dig Dat Hole sounds pretty much like you'd expect. A noisier, less polished version of Cop Shoot Cop. I'd still like to hear some more live stuff from both bands, though.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally took the plunge...

...and listed some of my stuff on eBay. Nothing really rare or exciting that's worth mentioning on here... but I feel good that I was able to follow through with something, for once.

Am I likely to become one of those success stories you hear about, quit my job and do this full-time? I'm not counting on it... but anything's possible, right?