Sunday, February 15, 2009

Process of weeding out, part 1

Most people bitch about Mondays, what with having to go back to work after the weekend. I've always hated Sundays more... mainly because most things are closed, or have shorter hours.

Alice in Chains/Sap EP, Facelift

Kept both of these since I was in high school. Haven't listened to either in years, mainly because the local radio stations keep AIC on heavy rotation. How many times can you hear "Man in the Box," "Bleed the Freak," or "Got Me Wrong" and not get tired of them? After dusting off both discs and playing them all the way through... I still like them, but not to the point that I'll miss them if I trade them in. I'll still keep their self-titled one, though.

Aphex Twin/Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2

Something else from the same period. I forgot I even had this... at some point I actually took the time to write out a tracklisting for both discs (probably from the Warp Records website) since nothing was named in the packaging other than "Blue Calx." There were a handful of tracks I liked the sound of, but most of this just sounds like generic background music to me now. Into the trade pile you go.

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