Thursday, February 26, 2009

The music vs. the packaging...

Last night, I was finally able to listen to something I'd been searching for for a long time. Someone was kind enough to post all 7 discs of The Complete Fun House Sessions online. I had the day off from work, and spent most of it on the computer, downloading this. It took me back to when I first discovered free music via FTP, back when the username and password combination "leech/leech" was all you needed (well, that and good virus detection software, of course)...

Eventually I'll make my own "best of" compilation from these tracks, once I've spent more time listening to them all. That'll be in a later post.

As I type this, someone is selling the set for $150 on Ebay. I have no doubt that within a week or so, the bids will pass the $200 mark, like what happened when my girlfriend tried to get me this for my birthday. $200 was the most she was willing to spend - and she never admitted to me that she went that high on it until I told her how I spent my day off (waiting for the downloads).

Here's where I throw a wrench into the RIAA's arguments.

See, even though I basically got this great music for free, minus the cost of Internet and blank discs and a CD burner, I wish I had been able to buy this for $119.98 back in 1999, to get all the artwork and linernotes and stuff... I don't want to pay $250 or more on Ebay for it, numbered limited edition or not. I still plan to buy it eventually, but it's gonna be a while before I do. It'll be my reward to myself for getting rid of all the books, albums and junk I have now that I don't use all the time. Yep, even though I already have the music, I'm still willing to pay money for the rest of it. If this makes sense to you, you've got the same disease as me.

(update: that set on Ebay sold for $358.87. Looks like I'll be waiting longer for this than I first thought.)

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