Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Not much going on, which is fine by me. Taking a break from everything to finally go through several crates worth of crap from high school/college. When I moved I just stuffed it all in there and took it with me, figuring I'd organize it later. It's later enough, years later, and with my girlfriend planning to go to school - she'll actually be able to use some of the stuff I've been holding on to. My parents raised me to be thrifty so I hoarded pens, pencils, notebooks and office supplies like a guy that survived the Great Depression. Found some other useful stuff mixed in, like the rest of the mailers I'd kept from the music I'd bought back in the day. Apparently I was OCD enough to make a list of all the albums I got in the awesome $40 score, which turned up in one of the notebooks, so I'll write about that whole story on here. Not until I finish with these crates though...

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