Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Packrat tendencies finally paying off...

Sold some stuff I really had no use for anymore, made a decent profit on the extra John D. Macdonald books I was keeping, made a few people happy with some CDs I'd been holding on to but didn't really like much anymore.

Some quick reviews of same:

Television/Marquee Moon
I picked this up in high school after reading some books on "the origins of punk rock" that I found at the library. At the time, I liked it, but as I got into other types of music, I pretty much forgot about this one. When I revisited this disc a month or so ago, I wasn't exactly blown away. While I didn't think "This sucks," I really had no reason to hold onto it.

X-Ray Spex/Germfree Adolescents
Another band I'd heard of but never had the chance to hear until recently. The main thing I remembered reading about them was that singer Poly Styrene wore braces and was an example of how punk rock was rebelling against the 'traditional' roles of women in music. As great as it is that women no longer have to fit into the molds of slick, choreographed 'girl group' or as 'sexy band ornament that plays the tambourine while the men in the group write all the songs,' that doesn't change the fact that to my ears, Ms. Styrene's voice sounds shrill and annoying.

Godspeed You Black Emperor!,A Silver Mt. Zion/Everything
Again, more music I listened to a lot back when I first got it, but haven't played for years. Better to try to sell these to someone who'll appreciate and enjoy them than to hold on to them just in the offhand chance I might decide to dust 'em off and give them another spin. Money triumphs over any attempts at coolness, every time. I have no music snob friends to impress, and nobody reads this anyway!

Captain Crawl is mysteriously down again, so instead of looking for more downloads, I'm gonna try to burn the stuff I have already.

Suggested listening: Living Legends - Artsy
MC Frontalot - Indier Than Thou

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